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  Very proud of this beautiful young girl!
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Well done *Macy*!
our *Macy* 
Maastricht NL 

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our *Macy* 

98th International Dog Show Luxemburg LU
1Excellent, CACL & Res.CACIB
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17 & 18 August 2019 
CACIB Mechelen BE  
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27 July 2019                    
 Luik Golden Dog Trophy
 Benelux Winner Show
*Silky Society Ambrosia Lady in Red*
our *Roxy* 
1Ex, Best Female, Golden Winner, Benelux Winner,
 and the title
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my special girl *Roxy* xxx
 many thanks to judge Mrs. Arianna Giorgi (IT)
30 June 2019
22nd Ambiorixtrofee CAC Show 
Genk BE
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 We are so proud of you *Macy*

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19 & 20 January 2019 
                              Münster DE 
We started off the new year with a successful 2-day show.
*Roxy* was rewarded both days with a 1st place. The last two CAC points needed for the title **GERMAN CHAMPION**
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Many thanks to our judge Mrs. C. Ehreiser (DE) for this special day!
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 We are so proud of you Roxy! xoxo
15 December 2018 
The icing on the cake!
Silky Society Ambrosia Lady in Red *Roxy* 
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 We are so proud of this "special" girl xx
(many thanks to judge Mr. Jean J. Dupas (FR))
14 & 15 December 2018 
Holland Cup & Amsterdam Winner Show  
Multi Champions
Silky Society Angelina Rosa *Camie*
Amorsito Lindo Double Take T.J. *TJ* (a son of our *Royce*) 
Both earned another championship title **DUTCH CHAMPION**

  It was a FUNTASTIC day! :0))

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18 November 2018 
 After a 10 month show break with our *Roxy*...
 she now participated in the
 International Dog Show CACIB Dortmund 2018  
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  26 August 2018
 39th Sint Romboutstrofee International Dog Show
 Mechelen BE 
  Our go-getter *LUCY* 
  we always knew that you were a CHAMPION in the making... 
    We are so proud of you! xxx
  A special thank you to judge Mr. Christofer Habig (DE) for this special day!
30 June 2018       
            participated in the 38th LKV Dog Show
                            Genk BE
                                  so proud of this young girl xx 
17 June 2018            
                             Club Match KC Nijmegen                                      
2 June 2018
         41st International Dog Show KV Moldernete
                           Lommel BE 
13 May 2018  
                                          On a rainy day.....
   at the Club Match (Dog Show) of 3 collabrating Kennel Clubs South Limburg.
                She was rewarded with a 9th place Best in Show! 
                                          Best in her group 9 
                                  Best of Breed group 9
  Top 10 dog breeds. *Lucy* 9th Best in Show!  It was a great day!! 

   21 april 2018
 participated in the 52nd Antwerpen Brabo Dog Show
3 March 2018 
  8,5 months old  
  So proud of this little girl xoxo

 28 January 2018
  We were at our first show this year after a 7 month stop and
  our  *Roxy* did it again!   
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  many thanks to judge Mr. A. Hlebarov (Bulgarie) 
11 june 2017 
40th CAC Dog Show 
Lommel BE
  our *Roxy*
  1 Excellent, Best Female 
Best of Breed 

   ....the day after?  Just chillin' :0)
 May 2017  
 This trip took us to Dortmund GE

  VDH - Europasieger & Internationale Ausstellung
  *Silky Society Ambrosia Lady in Red*               
   our *Roxy*
   ***EUROPEAN WINNER*** 2017
 Fantastic day with my good friends Andrea & Grit 
  so proud of our little girl xoxo
  many thanks to judge Mrs. C. Muldoon (IR)
  January 2017 
  Our next trip took us to the
  44th Schaal Der Kempen Dog Show
  Weelde BE
  our new *Roxy*
  37th LKV Dog Show
  Genk BE 

9 December 2016

  127th International Dog Show
  Amsterdam Holland Cup  & Winner Show 
 We had a fantastic 2-day show with our "amazing" girl!
 Holland Cup Show
 Silky Society Ambrosia Lady in Red
                     **DUTCH CHAMPION**    
 many thanks to judge Mr. R. Barenne (FR)
 11 December 2016  
 Amsterdam Winner Show

  many thanks to judge Mr. G. Nymann (DK)
  we are very proud of her!! 
  september 2016

               our *Roxy* participated in the  
                     MHSV International Dog Show
                         Maastricht NL
           we also had a nice visit from Roxy's brother *Sam*  
10 September 2016 
     We had great results at the 93rd International Dog Show 
                     Silky Society Ambrosia Lady in Red
                                       our *ROXY* 
                 **LUXEMBOURG CHAMPION**                   
  qualifies to participate in the world's largest dog show               
                       **Crufts** in Birmingham England
                               What a fantastic day!!
10 April 2016
                  International Dog Show "De Utrecht"
Utrecht NL 
                                      1 Excellent, RCACIB 
   Royce went to the show to cheer on his daughter Roxy :).  He also had a
    nice family reunion with some of his kids....                                                                                                                     
                       *Roxy*       *TJ*      *Royce*       *Camie*         

   daughter *Maggie Mae*    
27 March 2016 
                 92nd International Dog Show                                                 Luxembourg 
                               We are tickled pink & blue...
     *Roxy & Misha* received  great results at the show!

                               1 Excellent, CACL & CACIB

                  1 Excellent, CACL CACIB, BOS (Best Opposite Sex)


                        many thanks to judge Mr. N. Deschuymere (BE)
  so proud of them xoxo  
 19 March 2016            
                        21st International Dog Show
                           Leiden NL
                                               1 Excellent
31 January 2016
                       43th International  Dog Show
                       Mouscron Belgium                                         
                                       1 Excellent, Best Male, BOS  
                      *Roxy*  1 Excellent & reserve Best Female
                                 so proud of them!!         
24 January 2016
                                 39th International Dog Show     
                                    Eindhoven NL 
            We started off the new year with great results!
  1 Excellent, Best Female and
   Best Of Breed
  a few pictures from the show...                                         

                                     Best of Breed 
   patiently waiting in the Ring of Honour
 December 2015 
            126th Amsterdam International Dog Show
                           Winner Show & Holland Cup
                                     Amsterdam NL
        our *Roxy* participated in the Holland Cup Show
                           1 Excellent & Best Female
                                 We are so proud of her xx 
 4 October 2015 
                      Wallonia Dog Show
                                        Charleroi Belgium
                                    1 Excellent, Best Youth Dog
                                        BOS (Best Opposite Sex)
                                            *Amorsito Lindo Baptiste*       *Silky Society Ambrosia Lady In Red*
13 September  2015
                                   The Green Dog Show 
                      Libramont Belgium 
                           We had a great day with great results! 
                  Silky Society Ambrosia Lady in Red 
              *BELGIUM YOUTH CHAMPION*     
                         A fantastic day! Well done *Roxy* xx
June 2015  
                           17th AmbriorixTrofee Dog Show
                          Genk Belgium

                                               1 Excellent
                             Best Youth Dog
 June 2015
                  38th International Dog Show Zuidkempen 
                       Lommel Belgium
                         *Roxy*                   1 Excellent
April 2015                                           
                  49th K.V. Brabo International Dog Show
                                  Antwerpen Belgium 
                                 *Misha*         *Roxy*
1 Excellent     1 VP
Best Male     Best Puppy
                                             Brabo Winner            
                                BOS (Best Opposite Sex)
   *Misha* qualifies to participate in the world's largest dog show
                Crufts in Birmingham England
February 2015         
        42st Schaal Der Kempen International Dog Show
                      Hoogstraten Belgium  
                                 *Roxy*          *Misha*
                                                                                                 1 VP                1 Excellent
                                        Best Baby            Best Male
                                                                                                                                                        BOS (Best Opposite Sex)  
                                    a big hug for both of you!                                                                
February 2015                                     
         Kc de Kempen International Championship Dog Show
                          Eindhoven NL 
                         *Roxy* participated in the show       
                                       1 VP & Best Baby
 January 2015   
                                  LKV  International Dog Show
                           Genk Belgium
           *Roxy*                          *Misha*
             Best Baby                      Best Male & Best of Breed
December 2014                 
               Benelux Winner International Dog Show
                      Brussel Belgium
                                   1 Excellent
 28 September 2014    
               MHSV International Dog Show
                                      Maastricht NL
                              1 Excellent & Best Male
                            a big hug for our *Misha*
  September 2014 
                    Clubmatch KC  Geleen NL

                       1 Excellent & Best Male 
                  Ring of Honor 2nd place in group 9

10 August 2014                      
                  Clubmatch MHSV Maastricht NL 
                                1st place in his group
                                4th in show 
8 February 2014     LKV International Dog show
                                      Genk Belgium                 
                        *Royce* at his first show
                               1 VP (Very Promising) & *Best Puppy*    
                              we are very proud!

September 2013       MHSV International Dog Show
                                          Maastricht NL
                         Silky Society Ador Sugar and Spicey
                  Best Female Best of Breed                                                   
                   **DUTCH CHAMPION**
                                      we are so proud of her!!
                                Thank you judge Mr. di Lorenzo (It) 
         1VP   Best Puppy
 *Misha* we love you!

My name is *Misha*  
 My name is *Royce*
                                  we are the "new boys" in town
1 July 2012   
                     Happy 1st Birthday!!!
                 I received a very sweet message from Margje, Herman
                          & *Nomi*
               And a very sweet message from Francoise, Edwin,                                                                   & *Toby*
                             Thank you so much!
                  See my "GUEST BOOK / GASTENBOEK"
18 May 2013                         
                                    Arnhem Show   
                         1 Excellent & reserve Best Female
10 & 11 May 2013        Dortmund Germany
                                 International Dog Show 
               2 day show in Dortmund with sisters *Ruby* & *Donna*
                    *Ruby* participated in the show                 
                                                                   2 Excellent
  *Donna & Ruby*
17 April 2013  
               Annual meeting Havanezer Club Nederland  
                     At our annual meeting "we" received two trophies
                 *Sugar*         &         Didi :)
            Best Female in her categorie       Best homebred dog
                      Silky Society Ador Sugar and Spicey
                              our sweet *Sugar*
3 March 2013               Groningen Show
                                          1VB  Best Puppy
                     Thank you judge Mrs. Heikkinen (Finland)
                                  1 Excellent  Best Female and
                                BEST OF BREED 
                                 *Sugar* & *Ruby*
17 February 2013         Hoogstraten Belgium Show
   1 VB (Very Promising) and Best Puppy
   Ring of Honour
                    *Ruby* was one of the 10 selected puppies
                                                   our cute *Ruby*
3 February 2013
 Eindhoven NL
  International Dog Show 
  A day to remember!!
   Silky Society Lady Belladonna
 1VB (Very Promising)  & Best Puppy
The judge's report....
She loves to show, great impression, lovely dark eyes,
good pigment on the nose, lovely gate (movement).
                         Ring of Honour
 1st place
 our *Donna*
 2 Excellent & reserve Best Female
  our *Sugar*    

13 January 2013                 LKV Genk
                                  International Dog Show
                         *Lexi* and her daughter *Donna*
                   1 Excellent Best Female  &  1VP Best Baby
2012                    Havanese Club Day 2012
             *Ruby & Donna* participated in the baby parade
              *Sugar* participated in the Intermediate Class
                          being judged by Mrs. M. Slooijer
                                               2 Excellent
                      Thanks Piet for handling our *Sugar*

 29 September 2012         Maastricht
                                International Dog Show
                                                 1 Excellent 
                                *Sugar* Best Female               
                            BEST OF BREED        
                           Thanks to Judge Mr. J. Walsh Senior (IRE)
 April 2012
                                Luxembourg LU
                                  International Dog Show

                                        2 Excellent

                       2 Excellent & reserve Best Female
                        a big hug for our  *Sugar* & *Lexi* xx
20 March 2012         Havanese Club Netherlands
                    Yearly Trophy Competition
                               Best Male Open Category
 Best Male in Open Category
18 March 2012                         Leiden
                                      International Dog Show
                           1 Excellent & Reserve Best Female
  1 Excellent Best Female & BEST OF BREED
March 2012             Groningen International Dog Show
                                              our *Lexi*
         **DUTCH CHAMPION**
                       1 Excellent   Best Female

Judge report: Top quality! Very well balanced. Excellent size. Stands and moves very close to the standard. Excellent temperament!
Thank you judge: Mrs. H. Dan Päisson (Denmark)

11 February 2012            Genk Show
                     1 Excellent, Best Female & Best of Breed
 08 January 2012   

                 International Dog Show Hoogstraten Belgium      

                                          1 VP  &  Best Puppy 
                                            *Sugar* & *Lexi*
                          *Lexi* 1 Excellent  Reserve Best Female
18 December 2011                  
                       Brussel International Dog Show 
                                                1 Excellent
 11 December 2011  
                Wijchen International Christmas Dog Show
 1 Excellent & Best Female
 25 September 2011             
                        Maastricht International Dog Show 
                                            2 VP
                                           1 Excellent
                                           reserve  Best Female
                                      1 Excellent  Best Male  
  August 2011            
                             Rotterdam International Dog Show
                                 *Bailey*         *Lexi*
                            1 Excellent                      1 Excellent
                              Best Male                       Best Female
                              BEST OF BREED
                                                  Maastricht Club Match Day
                                       1VP  Best Baby
23 July 2011                  
                                  Langerwehe Germany
                                 Thank you  judge Mr. Delmar (Ireland )
12 June 2011                        
                                  Lommel Belgium
 we are so proud of him!!
 09 April 2011          
                      Langerwehe Germany                                                                         *Bailey*
        ** Kampioen van Duitsland VK**
                                     1 Excellent   Best Male
                            *VK: Verband Deutscher Kleinhundezüchter
                           (groep 9 / gezelschapshonden)
06 February 2011   
                       ** DUTCH CHAMPION **
27 November 2010    
                            Amsterdam Winner Show  
              ** DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION **
                      and qualifies her for the largest dog show 
                      CRUFTS in Birmingham England
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